Various Kinds of Locks

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There are various kinds of locks that are available on the market for all kinds of security and reinforcement needs. Whether you are a home owner or run a commercial business, you need basic locks on your doors. These basic locks are usually installed for the purpose of locking doors and are not used primarily for security and reinforcement purposes. Since there are various kinds of locks, they offer varying levels of security, and the kind of lock that you choose to install depends on the purpose of the lock and the level of security it should provide while serving that purpose.

Let’s take a look at the four most common kinds of locks that are available on the market.

Padlocks are one of the most common locks that you can purchase to lock any kind of door.

Padlocks might be the only kind of locks that can be removed when you unlock them. They are not a permanent part of the door or the handle that you are using them on. Depending on the kind of door that you are using them on, you will find that their sizes will vary. The benefit of padlocks is that they are portable, and if you purchased a padlock and have to, for instance, move or use it anywhere else, you can easily take that padlock along with you. There are two kinds of padlock locks. Combination locks have dials on them that unlock the hook when the combination is entered but one downside of these locks is that they can easily be unlocked by anyone if they know what they are doing. Keyed padlocks, as the name suggests, are opened by a key. Keyed padlocks can come as rekeyable or non-rekeyable. Rekeyable padlocks can have the key changed, which means that you can choose to have the lock changed to a key that you use for multiple purposes, such as your house key. There are also key- or non-key-retaining padlocks, the former meaning that the key cannot be removed from the padlock if the lock is open. You may find that some padlocks have shoulders that rise up on both sides to make it harder to cut a padlock open.

Deadbolt locks are heavier locks mostly used for external doors.

There are three kinds of deadbolt locks. Single cylinder deadbolts have a small knob on the inside of the lock and a key cylinder on the outside, which means that a key has to be used to get in but only the knob needs to be turned to unlock it from the inside. Although this is convenient, it does have one shortcoming which is that if someone breaks into a home, for instance, that has such a lock, it can easily be opened from the inside. Double cylinder deadbolts have key cylinders on the inside and outside of the lock. Although that means higher security, it means that when you are inside, you always need to have a key to unlock the door from the inside. This can be problematic in emergency situations like a fire or other unforeseen hazards. Therefore, if it is used in residential properties, it is usually advised that the key be left in the lock while you are at home in order to guarantee a safe and quick exit in cases of emergency. Lockable thumb turn deadbolts are a hybrid of single and double cylinder deadbolts. A thumb turn on the inside of the lock functions just like a single cylinder deadbolt but can be locked with a key from the inside. This means that once it is locked, the thumb turn cannot be used to lock or unlock the door. It can be left unlocked while people are in the residence, and when the place of residence is likely to be empty for long periods of time, it can be locked so that if anyone does get inside, they will be unable to unlock the door from the inside. Out of all the deadbolts, this one provides the highest level of security. Deadbolts are usually rekeyable but you may want to consult a licensed locksmith on such a matter since some are harder than others to rekey.

Knob locks are mostly installed in residential units, both on exterior and interior doors.

They are usually used for security but are and definitely should not be used as the only form of security on exterior doors. The lock cylinder is inside the knob and not the door, which means that it can easily be broken or wrenched off hence removing the lock cylinder completely. If you do have knob locks, you may want to invest in additional security, such as deadbolt locks, so that you can reinforce your door, making it harder to unlock.

Lever handle locks are interior use locks mostly used in commercial buildings.

These handles are easier to open since they only need to be pushed down rather than turned like a knob. These kinds of locks are used in settings where handicap accessibility is of importance. They function the same as any other lock since they can be unlocked using a key.

These are some of the most common kinds of locks that are used in residential and commercial buildings, but there are a wide variety of other locks that are available. The features of each kind of lock depend on the function that they serve and the level of security they provide.

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