Safe and Lock Improvements Can Increase the Security of Your Residential Property

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Most people feel they are as safe and secure as they can be when they are in their house and it’s all locked up. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Most homes are only adequately protected by the locks in them and you should have other theft deterrents like safes placed in them too. Most people can definitely take the security of their home to a much higher level by installing safes and improving upon their existing locking devices. In this article, I will discuss a few great ways to do this.

Improve Your Lock Security

It all starts with improved lock security. Too many people take for granted that their existing lock security level is more than adequate. That’s exactly the type of thinking that thieves love.

  • Enhanced window locks It used to be that thieves would almost always enter a home through its windows. That’s because it all it took to open these windows was a screwdriver, hammer, and a little bit of force. Window locks have gotten better of the years on newer style windows but they still leave you vulnerable to a break-in. That’s why many locksmith services supply and install advanced window locks. Once a thief realizes you have these on your windows, they will either look for another way into your home or move on to your neighbor’s house.
  • Bump-proof locks Years ago some thieves found a way to get entry doors to homes to open easily. They did what is known as ‘bumping a lock’. They would take a rough key blank and insert it into the keyhole in a house door. Next, they would tap that key blank hard with a hammer and that door would force the key to turn the lock mechanism and open the door. It forced lock manufacturers to come up with a new way to protect the door locks on homes. They developed a door locking system that could not be opened by ‘bumping’ no matter how hard a would-be thief tried. You should get these superior door locks put on your home if you don’t already have them.
  • Electronic keyless locks Installing electronic keyless locks will also help improve your home’s security too. It will also make getting into and out of your home much more convenient for you. How do these types of locks protect you better than mechanical door locks? It’s because they are totally self-contained locking systems that have no vulnerable areas like keyholes to help defeat them. That makes it very tough for thieves to find a weak point and gain entry through these types of locking devices.
  • Get a lock evaluation done Every homeowner should also have their locks periodically evaluated by a locksmith too. This is an inexpensive task that will help you make sure all of your locks are working properly and up to date. A locksmith will come to your home and inspect all of your locks and locking devices. Once they are finished, they will go over the results with you. At this time you will be informed as to which of your locks need replacing or upgrading.

Most residential locksmiths can easily handle any of these types of lock work for you. Locksmiths are not only great at installing all types of home locks but they are the ones you would call to service and repair them too.

Install Safes

Another way to stop theft and keep your valuables and firearms safer is to install gun safes and homes safes inside your residence. Thieves no the longer they stay at your home during a robbery the better chance that they will be caught. Because of this, they will not take the time to try and break open a properly secured gun safe or home safe.

  • Gun Safes What’s one of the first things that thieves look to steal when entering a home? If you guessed firearms you would be absolutely right. That’s because guns and rifles have such a high resale value. So don’t keep your firearms in a glass-faced cabinet where the glass can be easily smashed and those firearms then stolen. Keep your firearms in an approved gun safe and they will be much harder to steal. Not only will gun safes protect your valuable firearms but they will help prevent accidental gun discharges. This is one of the leading causes of accidents in a home and needless deaths and injuries to children. A gun safe is an absolute must in any home with children.
  • Home safes Hiding your valuables in a shoebox in a closet is just asking for trouble. Thieves these days are pretty good at sniffing out valuables in places that homeowners thought a thief would never think to look. That’s not really necessary anymore either. This is because home safes have never offered better protection at a more affordable price than they do now. There is absolutely no reason why every single homeowner does not have at least one small working safe in their residence.

Once again, you may want to consider having a locksmith provide and install your new gun safe or home safe for you. They are the most familiar with how to keep safes as secure as possible. Locksmiths can also change the lock combinations for you and service you safe locks if you are having any problems with the locking devices on them.

Always Be Proactive When It Comes to Your Home’s Safes and Locks

Don’t wait until after you have become the victim of a home invasion or burglary to take these steps to improve the security of your home. The sooner you do them, the sooner you, your family and your many valuables will be much better protected.

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