Keyless Entry Device Benefits

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You are likely already familiar with keyless entry devices. For many years, most models of vehicles have come with remote, keyless entry control access. Now, homeowners can enjoy the same benefits, too. The primary benefits of keyless entry locks, regardless if you choose to install them on your home or vehicle, are safety, increased security, and overall convenience. Various electronic lock models can accommodate whatever specific needs you have for both your vehicle and your home. Learn more about the benefits of keyless entry and why it is a great idea to upgrade your locks.



The number one feature of keyless entry locks for vehicles is safety. Personal safety is especially important for those that work late hours and night shifts, those that live alone, or those that may live in high-crime areas. Keyless entry allows vehicle owners to approach their cars and use a remote to open the doors once they are within a few feet. This illuminates the possibility that someone may approach you while you are fumbling to find your keys or unlock your car door. Even a moment of distraction can set-up the perfect conditions for a crime or attack. Vehicle keyless entry lets you keep your head up and remain alert while unlocking the door, instead of keeping your eyes focused solely on the key slot and being unaware of your surroundings.

Residential Properties

Similarly to vehicle keyless entry, residential keyless entry allows homeowners to enter into their homes quickly and easily with minimal distraction. With the use of a combination device, you can approach your front door, enter a passcode, and unlock your door. This makes it so that you do not need to use a key to enter. Ultimately, your personal safety will increase since you can keep an eye on your surroundings while you are heading towards your home and unlocking the door.

Increased Security


Vehicle keyless entry locks are more secure than traditional locks. Not only are electronic locks nearly impossible to break-in to, but they also act as a great deterrent when it comes to criminals. Car theft and other issues most often occur on older model vehicles. This is because they are not only easier to break-in to, but they are also easier to hot-wire and steal. If your vehicle has keyless entry locks of any kind, you are much less likely to experience some sort of theft or car-jacking.

Residential Properties

Homes with keyless entry locks can also enjoy the benefits of increased security with keyless entry locks. For home keyless entry, the options are much more extensive compared to vehicle locks. With home keyless entry, most models come with phone application and wireless connectivity, allowing homeowners to control and monitor their home security right from their devices. Residents can view activity in and out of their homes through a detailed log, or even view camera angles on-the-go. The ability to connect your home security information to your phone in real time ultimately increases your overall personal security and the security of your family members.


While you are out running errands, it can be a hassle to need to use your key to lock and unlock your car doors manually every time you approach or leave, to say the least. Keyless entry remotes make your everyday life easier. For example, if you are carrying groceries to your car, being able to push a button to unlock the car doors is ideal, rather than having to set down the groceries on the ground in order to manually use the key. Additionally, whenever you reach your destination and park your car, all you have to do is exit, push the button on the keyless remote, and the doors to the car will lock as you walk away.

Residential Properties

Home keyless entry devices usually operate via a keypad or combination device. A 4-or-5-digit code is all that is needed to unlock the door. Family members may lose keys or misplace them, leaving them locked out or in need of a new key. Upgrading to keyless entry for your home property is a great way to add a bit of extra convenience to your life. Homeowners can benefit from the ease-of-use inherent to keyless entry and the other perks offered by external monitoring devices and phone applications. The convenience of being able to see when your kids come home from school, or when other family members come and go right from your phone or other device, will undoubtedly increase your peace of mind. If you are serious about your home security and making life more convenient for everyone in your household, talk to a locksmith today about getting keyless entry locks installed for your home today.

Install Keyless Entry Today

The quickest and most affordable way to receive keyless entry installations is to work with an experienced locksmith. Keyless entry installation requires an experienced locksmith who has experience setting up such devices. This is not a project you will want to tackle on your own. In fact, attempting to install keyless entry for your home or vehicle is not recommended and may cost you more time and money in the long run. If you call a locksmith to assist you right from the start, you will minimize the possibility that additional repairs or updates will be needed.

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