What to Do When Your Vehicle Key is Stuck in the Ignition

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Most of us spend our days rushing from one thing to another, with the help of our vehicles to get there. While vehicles are reliable a good majority of the time, you may occasionally experience a mishap with one of your car’s components that will inevitably put a damper on your entire day. A good example of this is a car key that refuses to come out of the ignition cylinder. This problem can range from minor to more problematic, but most of the time you will find that you can extract your vehicle key yourself with a little care and attention. Follow the steps described below the next time your car key refuses to come out of the ignition.

Do Not Panic

Try and remain calm if you cannot get your vehicle key out of the ignition, even if you have somewhere you need to be. Obviously, you cannot control the fact that your key is stuck in the ignition and you would prefer to have it out and in hand. Take a few deep breaths so you can think clearly. Having a vehicle key get stuck in the ignition cylinder, if only temporarily, is common and a common trick described below may be all it takes for you to extract your key and move on with your day.

Check That the Vehicle is in Park

Look to make sure your vehicle is properly parked. Some models may not allow drivers to extract their keys unless the car gear is in park and the emergency brake is on. This may be enough to extract your key. If you are still unable to, then you will want to try the next step below. Make sure your car is still properly parked for this next step.

Try Moving the Steering Wheel Back and Forth

Most of the time, if you move the steering wheel back and forth while gently wiggling the car key, this will be enough to release it. While the car is parked and the emergency brake is on, wiggle the steering wheel with your left hand and gently try to pull out the key with your right hand at the same time. For most vehicle drivers, this trick is highly effective and will be enough to get the key out.

Do Not Force an Extraction

If you tried moving the steering wheel while trying to extract the key but had no luck, do not try and force the key out. This is a bad idea and can lead to damage to the paneling or interior of your vehicle, in addition to the key and ignition cylinder. If your key is not coming out with ease, there is a reason why and it is best not to try and force it out.

Contact a Mobile Locksmith

If you have attempted all that you can to try and release your vehicle key, but are still not able to get it out, it is time to call a locksmith to help you. In this instance, a mobile locksmith is who you should call on for help if one is readily available in your area. Mobile locksmiths are recommended for any kind of vehicle lock and key problems since they have the ability to make repairs and replacements on-site.

When you call a mobile locksmith and let them know you need a vehicle key extraction, you can receive help the fastest since they will come right to you, rather than you having to find a way to get to them. For example, without a mobile locksmith, you will likely need to call a tow truck to take your vehicle into a car dealership. You will end up paying the towing company, as well as the dealership or some other repair ship for the extraction. You can eliminate this entire hassle and work with one individual instead.

Most mobile locksmiths offer their services 24-hours a day, so even if you find yourself needing a vehicle key extraction after a long night at work or in the early morning hours, you should have no problem receiving the help you need. A mobile locksmith can help extract your key and will accurately diagnose why the problem occurred in the first place. If you need an ignition cylinder change, a new key cut, or any other replacements, a mobile locksmith will be able to perform all of these procedures right on-site.

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