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Kennesaw Locksmith Pro: Garage Door Locks for Additional Security

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When people think about enhancing the security of their commercial property or home, often the garage door is not at the forefront of their minds – although this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider better securing your garage door. Many seem to forget that their garage door is still exactly that – it’s a door, an oversized door that leads to the inside of their property. You wouldn’t have a front door or patio door that isn’t locked, right? So why should your garage door be unlocked, or without locks? It shouldn’t be, plain and simple.

Having a garage door opener could seem like it is good enough because it is a good thing to have. But this doesn’t mean it’s a good enough measure of security. Obviously, it gives you a degree of convenience when opening and closing the garage door. You can just press a button and not worry about having to physically lift it. Well, for some, this is hugely convenient and completely mandatory. The problem is, many people falsely believe that the garage door opener provides all of the security they need in keeping people out of their garage. This just isn’t always true. Kennesaw Locksmith Pro serves Kennesaw, GA and the nearby area, and we are here to inform you that you need garage door locks for additional security. Securing your garage door with a lock offers the protection you need. So, when you’re ready to install that lock, make sure you turn to a locksmith that knows what they are doing. This will mean hiring someone who is licensed and insured. It will mean hiring someone who has great reviews. It will mean hiring someone who comes to you highly recommended.

How Does a Garage Door Lock Provide Better Security?

Well, it’s easy. But if you’re on the fence as it relates to installing locks on your garage door, you are probably wondering if it is really necessary. So, what’s the difference between a locked garage door and one that is lacking a lock? Can someone easily access it? Well, think about it. Can you get into your own garage without a key? The answer is that you probably could figure it out.

Leaving your garage door wide open or unlocked is comparable to leaving your front door unlocked. Would you ever leave your front door unlocked over night? What if you had kids in the house alone? You want protection for your property, and that is a given. A garage door lock certainly does provide better security than just a garage door opener.

Garage Doors: Types of Locks

You have many options when it comes to locks for garage doors. Here, you will find just some of them.

1. Deadbolts

Deadbolts are popular, even for front door locks. Many don’t realize that deadbolts can also be used for garage doors. Many actually have a preference for deadbolts because they are easy enough to use. There are also multiple options. For example, you could get a double cylinder or single cylinder deadbolt. One will require the use of a key on both sides while the other will require the use of a key on one side. Easy enough!

2. T-handle locks

The T-handle lock is also popular. Unlike other locks, it has a distinct shape – just like the letter ‘T’. It gets the job done. One of the perks of this lock is the unbeatable level of security it provides to property owners. The lock has a unique kind of key. It would take an expert to copy this key. The lock is difficult to bypass. The T-handle lock in itself could deter a criminal from trying to get into your property.

3. Padlocks

Some homeowners just desire simplicity. If that sounds like you, you might want a padlock, which come with many options. A typical padlock will require a key to be unlocked, but others might use codes or combinations. Padlocks are available for many price points, too, so you are sure to find something that fits within your budget. You can’t beat that!

4. Keyless Garage Door Locks

If you have not utilized keyless systems for your property before, well, you’re in luck – we can answer questions about them and we highly recommend them. They give you the option of not needing a key. You will again be able to find numerous options and numerous price points. So determine what your budget is, but bear in mind that you really can’t put a price tag on security and peace of mind. You deserve to have a property that is safe, and part of that entails having garage door locks.

There are numerous kinds of locks that can be used on garage doors. It’s all about your preferences, concerns and budget. If you need help when deciding which lock will work best for your garage door, call us or if you are not in our service area, get on the phone with your local locksmith. This is a person that should also be able to assist you. Just make sure you are talking with someone experienced and highly recommended. A search online will reveal what kind of reviews they have. Typically, a lock and security provider will offer a free consultation so you can get the answers you are looking for.

Kennesaw Locksmith Pro is here to serve those in the local area. We do offer free consultations, and we also provide free price quotes. We offer same day help and we don’t charge you an arm and a leg if you need help the same day. We don’t hassle those who are simply calling for information. We want you to be informed as a property owner because if your property is safe, the area is safer. Thanks for learning more about the importance of garage door locks for your property. We hope that this information has been beneficial to you! Best of luck with the protection of your valuable property!

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