The Benefits of Access Control

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The major purpose of all electronic access control lies in the name: to restrict access for a particular building or area of a building to only preapproved parties. Effective access control allows only those specifically granted access to enter the area in question and keeps unwanted intruders and unauthorized staff members out. Access control may make up only a facet of an overall security system, such as if you only need to restrict access to one area of a business for higher-level employees, or may cover your entire property’s security needs, integrating with the door lock system. There is a wide variety of types and features of access control systems for many different customers.

Benefits for Commercial Properties

As the demand for affordable, effective access control has increased, the options have greatly expanded. All categories of access control share one common goal, which is to restrict and monitor access to all or certain parts of a facility to only those who possess authorization. The type of access control system is usually determined by the credentials used to gain access. If you have a small business with few employees, access control may not be right for you. However, if your facility has a sizable staff, restricted areas, or a good amount of foot traffic, access control can mean the difference between a secure facility and an insecure.

Pros of adding an access control system to your commercial property include:

  • Restriction Between Levels of Employees: If you have a large staff of employees, but certain areas area restricted to top-level staff, an access control system can make this process effortless. Access control allows you to set the level of each affected area to have the specific security clearance you desire. Access can be granted or revoked at any time. This makes it far more convenient than issuing keys to every employee and then having to change your locks if you let someone go.
  • Protection for Sensitive Data: Any business that regularly deals in sensitive data for their clients, whether related to finances, insurance, or any other industry, should consider access control to protect that data from unwanted access. Whether you store your client or company’s data in digital or paper form, access control allows you to protect it better than ever before.
  • Track Activity on Your Business: Today’s access control systems feature options that allow you as the business owner to track all activity on your property. This is not only helpful to determine activity patterns for your business, but also in the event of a discrepancy or criminal activity on your property. You’ll be able to isolate exactly who accessed which area and when, making it affective asset for loss prevention.

Benefits for Residential Properties

Traditionally access control was mostly restricted to commercial properties. Only very affluent homes utilized access control, due to its high, prohibitive cost and other restrictions. However, as technology has advanced and competition has increased, prices have lowered and features have increased. Increasingly, homeowners are relying on access control to better protect their homes from unwanted intrusion and robbery. While a significant investment, many homeowners feel like it’s more than worth the cost.

Benefits of having access control for the home include:

  • Monitoring All Comings and Goings: The main purpose of access control, of course, is to allow authorized access to certain restricted areas while keeping unwanted parties out. A home access control system allows you to electronically monitor every party that accesses your doors at any time, including when access is denied. Some more sophisticated forms of access control also allow you to track the history of every time a specific entry point is access.
  • Allowing Temporary Access: The vast majority of access control systems allow you to create a temporary access code for visitors and service workers. This temporary code exists for as long as you need it to, and allows short-term access to your home that can be halted at any time. This makes it an ideal choice for homes with ongoing renovation or visitors.
  • Eliminates the Hassle of Physical Keys: Almost all of us have experienced the frustration of misplacing our house keys, usually after a long day or busy morning. Access control that’s integrated with an overall electronic lock system does away with the need for manual locks and keys, which not only makes access more convenient for the homeowner, but also eliminates the worry of a key falling into the wrong hands.
  • Convenient Access: One major benefit of access control, especially when it’s integrated into an overall electronic lock system, is convenient access to your property. Instead of having to fiddle with searching with your keys when your hands are full, all you have to do is put in your preapproved access credentials. This allows you convenient access at any time you choose.

Requesting Installation of an Access Control System

Ready to upgrade to an access control system? Contact a locksmith company to be your guide. An experienced locksmith company will be able to offer you many forms of access control to choose from, including digital keypad locks, card key scanners, fingerprint locks, and more. Be sure to do your research when determining which company to choose before you settle on a service provider to handle your access control and electronic lock installation. By doing your due diligence to pick the right company, you’ll ensure not only quality results that are worth the money you pay, but also that you’ll have a company on hand to assist you if you run into any trouble down the line.

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