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Transponder keys have made it a lot more convenient to operate a car since you can lock and unlock your car, open the trunk, turn off the alarm system, and even start the ignition. Most keys now are transponder keys, and the way they work is that a chip is installed in the car and in the transponder, and when you press a button on the key fob, it sends a signal to the chip in the car, carrying out the operation through the button that you just pressed. Transponder keys automatically serve as an anti-theft method since only you can access your car through the transponder that is programmed to just your car. Some transponder keys also come without the key and the car only needs a fob to function.

Contact a Locksmith!

Naturally, like any other electronic device, there can be many transponder key problems that you might face, and if you feel like something is wrong in the slightest, a locksmith with experience can help isolate the problem and solve it. In order for you to detect trouble at the first sign, here are some transponder key problems you might encounter.

You might find that your transponder key is causing trouble and you have to press any of the buttons a few times for it to work.

Why Do Transponder Keys Have Problems?

One of the reasons why this might be the case is because the chip has been damaged. This might be because of dropping the key or just through wear and tear. This means that the signals between the chip in the key and in the car are not transmitting correctly or are transmitting intermittently, causing the key to not function properly. The damage can occur to any chip, but before you identify that the chip in the car is the problem, it is better to consult a locksmith to identify whether or not the problem lies in the chip in the transponder key in the first place. This will require the chip to be replaced which can easily be done by an experienced.

Another reason why the fob may be problematic is because of batteries. A dead or dying battery may exhibit the same symptoms that have been mentioned above. Some key fobs need to be charged through the car and that is an easy way to take care of the problem yourself. However, some transponder keys have batteries that need to be taken out to be replaced. If your car has a start button and it takes a few tries before the car starts and the button on the transponder key isn’t working at all, it might be easier to identify that the battery is the problem. If you do know that the battery is the problem, go to a locksmith to have it replaced as soon as possible. You do not want to have a dead transponder key at your hands and be stranded in a location that is far away from home.

Having to press the buttons a few times to operate the car might not be due to a damaged chip or a dead battery. It might just be the button that has become weak or completely unresponsive. This is a relatively easier problem to detect because you will notice that only a button or two is not responding while the rest of the transponder key is working perfectly. Again, a locksmith can easily take apart the key and replace the button. This is an easy solution that can be done quickly by a locksmith

A malfunctioning transponder key can be a manufacturer defect. A locksmith can identify such a problem, and, in this case, you do not have to do much. All you have to do is look up the warranty and you can go back to the dealership and have the problem rectified at no cost to you. If no warranty exists or if the warranty has run out, a locksmith can help you out just as well at a reasonable price.

If you find that everything in your car is working just fine and there is no visible damage to the transponder key but your key is still causing problems, you can have a look at the manual to see if the key needs to be reprogrammed. You can usually do this yourself since the car manual will guide you on how to do it. If you are unsure, you can call a locksmith and they can confirm that all you need to do is reprogram the key. That way, you have qualified approval, and all you have to do now is follow the instructions in the manual to get it done.

Locksmiths Offer Good Deals

Replacing a transponder key if it is broken can cost a lot if you go to a car dealership. It is an unnecessary expense since you can purchase a new transponder key that falls within your budget from an experienced locksmith.

It is suggested that if you are completely unaware of the cause and do not have any previous knowledge on how to deal with such problems, contact a locksmith. If you try a DIY, you might end up locking the system completely and this may result in you having to get a new transponder key and having it programmed. You may also want to visit a locksmith as opposed to a car dealership since the latter can be a lot more expensive. Locksmith services are highly qualified to deal with automobile problems and transponder key problems, since they deal with these problems and concerns all the time.

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